Growth looks good on you sis!

Every season cultivates growth. This can be spiritual, mental, emotional, relational or financial growth. Look at where you are now and where you were last year. The growth is evident. It made you wiser. It made you stronger. It’s made you a better person. But it doesn’t stop there. Growth will always be a part of life. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Own it.


Below are ladies that inspire me to live fearless for my dreams.


Growth Looks Good On Me

Tori Watene

Founder of Fearless Beauty

Tori Watene founder of Fearless Beauty and also a qualified Social Worker and single mum to two. I decided to take a year off to be a stay at home mum with my baby. Through that, I found my old nail kit from a course I did 8 years prior and started doing nails as a hobby in my sunroom. Through this I discovered my passion and decided I wanted to take it seriously, so I stopped doing it from my sunroom went back and did another course through NZ Nail Academy and have been doing everything I can including moving and travelling across Auckland in order start my business proper and professional to get to where I am today. The struggles have been extreme, most of my journey I’ve only been holding on by a thread. So many disasters and obstacles that I thought I could never overcome. 

But I’m still here pushing through trying my best to keep fighting for my dreams. Slowly I am piecing myself together and continuing to build my business. I love what I do, I’m passionate and know where I am going with it and I will fight till the end of the earth to keep following my dream. 

One thing I have learnt in 2019 is to never let anyone make you feel small and never ever dim your dreams to make someone else feel comfortable. You do you boo!! And KILL IT BOO. The universe definitely hasn’t set me up to succeed, but I believe all things are possible with God.

             "Let all that you do, be done in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:14


Qualified and self-taught nail tech.

"Nails are jewels, not tools"

Here is Nikki's growth video

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