About Us

Who is Ferox Boutique?

 Here’s a story about two sisters who became Fashion Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in 2018. They decided to take the risk to create an opportunity out of nothing into something extraordinary. Driven by their passion for fashion and empowering women, Ferox Boutique was born. Ferox Boutique is defined as a “Statement-Making, Trend-Driven, Classy & Sophisticated” brand. 

Ferox Boutique attends to women’s needs and wants in a manner that allows them to feel confident about their body type and personal style. Ferox boutique is not just about fashion, it is a platform for women to break down the barrier’s society has built for us by empowering and encouraging each other to no longer play it safe and live on the edge, fashionably. 

Why the name Ferox?

Ferox: Fearless and Fierce.

Our clothes resemble how fearless and fierce us women are. We aim to give our customers quality clothes that outwardly express how fearless and fierce they are in everything they aspire to do. But it goes beyond a feeling- it’s a lifestyle.


What makes a Ferox Woman?

Ferox Boutique believes that outside our comfort zone is where our future selves can flourish. It’s time we walk into the future clothed in strength and dignity, just like our Proverbs 31 woman.

A Ferox Woman is a woman that swims against the tide

She doesn’t comply with social norms

She stands out

She’s not a carbon copy

and her uniqueness makes her beautiful

You are She 31

Beautiful with all your flaws

Beautiful with all your blemishes

Beautiful in the way you dress

Beautiful in the way you talk

Beautiful in the way you think

Beautiful in the way you support

And beautiful in the way you grind

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