#IAMFEROX is a movement where women uplift, support, empower and encourage other women to be the best version of themselves while using their voices to create change. It is a platform where women are able to break cycles surrounding “womanhood”. We want to create a platform that leaves a positive impact on women's lives by speaking on issues that concern us as women. It's time for us women to unite as one and rise against social standards. So what are you waiting for? get behind the movement. #iamferox


Get involved with Michelle in support of Women Empowerment!


"When you see another woman trying to change her life to be successful? Support her! "

Get involved with Neha in support of Self-love!

'Self love isn't easy. I am personally on a journey of self love and it requires acceptance of who you are. Remember you're the bag secure yourself! "

Get involved with Nandi in support of Self Confidence!

"When you are confident in yourself and you are into your bag, you reach a certain type of glow and confidence that nobody would be able to knock"

Get involved with Isabel in support of Mind Shift!

"For example in my fitness journey, I went from I couldn't to I can and I have lost 40 kgs, therefore, l did!"


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